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"Identity cannot be found or fabricated but emerges from within when one has the courage to let go."  Doug Copper



Tall/short? Big/small? Old/young? - It's irrelevant what you look like on the outside, because what’s important lives within you. I say ‘lives’ because it’s part of you – waiting to be released and to thrive out in the world. This applies to both males and females – all of us have beauty and wonder within each of us. You have been designed to fulfil a purpose, but someone forgot to give you the blueprints of how you’re made and you have no map to find your design; your purpose; your true self….And now -

  • You’re feeling lost or confused and the darkness of life has left you blind and you can’t see where you’re going anymore

  • You’ve never felt like you knew what you were doing in the first place and now you’ve become self-aware and you want to change and develop new skills, but you’re feeling anxious or you’ve lost your confidence and believe time is running out, or the opportunities have past you by

  • You’ve had difficulties, or experienced pain in some way and you’re sitting on the deflated balloon of life wondering how to inflate again and bounce back up

  • You’re a parent and have been for a million years or you’ve spent much of your life meeting the needs and expectations of others and now you have nothing left to give back to yourself


Sometimes you might ask too much of yourself, or sometimes there’s just white-noise going on in your head – regardless of the circumstance, you’re just not happy with your current situation and you want more in your life; work; business - something to ignite the spark within you.


Working with me might be the fire starter you need and if we choose to work together,

I will:

  • Give you my full attention when you’re letting it all out about your current situation

  • Listen deeply to the subtle cues of the inner spark within you and advocate that back to you

  • Not judge you! Instead, empower you to become the person you want to be

  • Help you discover clarity of the areas you want to change; improve; or enhance

  • Importantly, I will provide an authentic, confidential, insightful and supportive service in promoting you, to you.


Not sure what to do now or where to begin? Set up a free 15 - 30 minute call with me so we can get to know each other and discover if we’re the right fit for a coaching relationship. Or, if you don’t really have the time just yet but want to start something, send me a massage using the form to the left and I’ll get back to you.  


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