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Tristone Coaching is a people development approach using multi-coaching methods to provide individuals with stepping stones to transforming lives, growing businesses and bridging the gap between languishing and flourishing.


Using the principles of an evidence-based anger management programme and coaching to promote anger as a positive emotion, improve the expression of anger and to increase assertive communication skills within individuals.


The PIP Coaching Model© (Prosperity - Inner-Peace – Purpose) is a multidimensional approach for Individuals, organisations and communities.


The pip is the stone of a soft fruit; such as a cherry. For a cherry tree to bloom and grow fruit, the pip needs to be planted in a good environment, nurtured well and protected from harsh external influences. These same principles apply to the PIP inside individuals. Inside each of us is the desire to prosper, gain inner-peace and fulfil a passion.


Prosperity – many characterise prosperity as being successful financially. However, there are additional suggestions to what it means to prosper. For example, to prosper is to flourish, thrive and grow. An indicator of the lack of prosperity in individuals, could be due to their supressed (internal) anger, or aggressive (external) anger. Dysfunctional anger can prevent its owner from prospering in many areas of their life; such as at work or within their relationships. While many perceive anger as destructive – this is only the case depending on how it’s expressed. For instance, if it’s expressed internally; this can develop into toxic shame or depression.


Inner-Peace – potential stressors in life can wreak havoc on our inner-peace. Unhealthy anger can also affect the development of inner-peace. Anger is a natural, powerful feeling experienced in the body that tells you something is not quite right, and you need to do something about it. Anger gives us energy to act when we feel threatened or in danger; essentially, the fundamental purpose of ANGER is to keep us safe. However, when anger isn't used properly or stuffed, it can linger within your body; this can affect the psychological and spiritual calmness needed to achieve inner-peace.


Purpose - Passion and identity are synergistic and form the main ingredients for purpose. Research has suggested that passion towards an activity is an important part of optimal functioning, as well as contributing to the makings of a life worth living. Passion can be defined as “…a strong inclination toward an activity that people like, that they find important, and in which they invest time and energy” (Vallerand et al., 2003, p. 757). Recent research has suggested that passion towards an activity is an important part of optimal functioning (Vallerand, et. al., 2003), as well as contributing to the makings of a life worth living (Vallerand, & Verner-Filion, 2013). Whereas, Halonen & Lomas, (2014) propose passion as a way of being, coming from within, rather than the pursuit towards an activity.


When anger is managed appropriately, healthily and productively, the individual will start to prosper. This enhances inner-peace and promotes the development of passion. Whether the passion is a way of being or an activity to pursue, the sense of purpose will follow. When fulfilling that purpose, prosperity is created and the individual will start to thrive and flourish.  


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