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To go ahead an

"If you want to walk fast, walk alone,

if you want to walk far,

walk together."



Walk and Talk Coaching – this is an excellent method to use when wanting to truly get in touch with your native self.


You and I will have our coaching session in the great outdoors:


Either along the beautiful Gorleston beach in Norfolk, where we can also experience grounding barefoot on the sand (for those who don’t mind sand) and then end our session over a cuppa in the Pier Hotel. Alternatively, for the more inland type people, we’ll have our coaching session along the Thornham Walks among the trees and wildlife, then end our session with a tea and cake at the Forge café.


The Talk and Walk session will take approximately 2 hours from the moment of meet up. However, depending on the weather, flow and connection between us both, the session could be longer. The fee is capped either way.


Walk and Talk Coaching in Norfolk
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