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"We are not human beings on a spiritual journey,

we are spiritual beings on a human journey." - Wayne Dyer



Transpersonal coaching is mainly concerned with developing your inner-world; to create balance, inner-peace and purpose. It is more qualitative, aspirational, spiritual (although not attached to any religion) and mainly concerned with the inner world of the individual. Transpersonal is beyond personality, and coaching finds solutions and establishes resources.


Key elements of this approach are to find meaning and purpose in all aspects of your life. This is achieved through empowering you to transcend through the ego states, mindsets and behaviours that can inhibit your personal, professional and spiritual growth; essentially working with the whole of you — body, mind and spirit.


My role as your transpersonal coach is to awaken your native self, facilitate the processes that will enable you to discover your personal meaning and help cultivate self-awareness that leads to growth. In addition, I will help you resolve issues in your life, and empower you to transform the limiting self-constructs and debilitating beliefs into a whole new way of being: I do this by being available and present in the moment, listen deeply to you, use my spiritual intelligence and creative imagination to liberate and strengthen your native self.


To acheive this, I can offer different coaching packages to suit you:


One Hour Liberate Session - You know how to fly and where you want to go, but feel a little caged. This is good for those who are already in tune with their whole being but would like the confidence, encouragement and support to set themself free. We can do this either, face-to-face, Skype or Zoom


Talk and Walk Coaching – this is an excellent method to use when wanting to truly get in touch with your native self. You and I will have our coaching session in the great outdoors: Either along the beautiful Gorleston beach in Norfolk, where we also experience grounding barefoot on the sand (for those who don’t mind sand) and then end our session over a cuppa in the Pier Hotel. Alternatively, for the more inland type people, we’ll have our coaching session along the Thornham Walks among the trees and wildlife, then end our session with a tea and cake at the Forge café.

The Talk and Walk session will take approximately 2 hours from the moment of meet up. However, depending on the weather, flow and connection between us both, the session could be longer. The fee is capped either way.  


It is typical to book coaching session in blocks depending on how committed you are in wanting to transform your life. The following blocks are available:


Awaken sessions – Four one-hour sessions to awaken your holistic being and become reintroduce to your inner self


Quickening Sessions – Eight one-hour sessions to acknowledge the movement of your spirit within


Revival Sessions – Twelve one-hour sessions to revive and liberate your native self



We can work together either through Skype, Zoom or Face-to-face (currently working from venues in Diss and Norwich, Norfolk)

Unless you want to book the Walk and Talk session which will take place as described above.

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For more information, do get in touch by text or call me for a free clarity call on:


07712 727856


Or feel free to send me a message using the form on the right with your questions and I will respond within 24 hours.


I look forward to speaking with you soon