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"Make friends with your anger and skip together in the meadow of freedom."

Tanya Heasley

The Art of Anger


Art is the expression of human creativity cultivated from the imagination of an individual and to be appreciated visually for its beauty or evoking an emotional power. The Art of Anger is the emotional power expressed in a skilful manner by the instinctive nature of an individual. For some, mastering this art has become problematic because they do not understand their own anger. Learning the art of anger empowers the individual to appreciate and express their anger in a more positive and healthy manner that can not only change their life, but the lives of others.


What is Anger?

  • Anger is a normal emotion that all of us will experience throughout our lives.

  • Anger is a natural, powerful feeling experienced in the body that tells you something is not quite right and you need to do something about it

  • Anger is a powerful emotion that can be used positively to bring about change, improve relationships and to achieve goals.

  • Anger is something you want to welcome into your life

  • Anger itself is not the problem - but expressing it inappropriately is


How can Anger benefit you?

  • ANGER is designed to get us out of stuck places or situations - an instinctive survival response to trigger the FLIGHT, FRIGHT or FREEZE response

  • Anger is the fuel required to bring about change

  • Anger can be a motivator of achievement


The Benefits of Anger Coaching

For a positive impact in your life, organisation or business, anger coaching can help benefit you in the following ways;

  • Enhances emotional well-being, improves relationships, discovers and liberates performance blockages

  • Supports the discovery of inner strengths, improves effectiveness and performances, fundamentally helps you to achieve your potential

  • Provides you with the opportunity to explore your goals and ambitions, as well as develop your people skills, abilities, and boost assertiveness

  • It can also help deal with issues and challenges before they become major problems


Aristotle once said, "Anybody can become angry - that is easy, but to be angry with the right person and to the right degree and at the right time and for the right purpose, and in the right way - that is not within everybody's power and is not easy."


To become angry in the right way requires you to understand and make friends with your anger


Positive anger is essentially the fuel to achieving success and prosperity.

Free from anger

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