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"Personal development is a lifelong process that once mastered can have a positive impact on you, and those around you." - Tanya Heasley





Overcoming Toxic Parents

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This evidence-based anger management programme will teach you how to use anger positively, reduce aggressive behaviour, improve your communication skills, ameliorate the effects of anger and more.



Transpersonal coaching is mainly concerned with developing your inner-world; to create balance, inner-peace and purpose. Key elements of this approach are to find meaning and purpose in all aspects of your life.




As a coaching psychologist, I use the principles of positive psychology to support you in bringing about change and progress in your performance and help break down barriers that prevent you from reaching your potential.



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Personal development-Tristone Coaching Walk and Talk Coaching in Norfolk

Tristone Coaching’s Holistic Wellbeing Programme, uses our unique PIP coaching model for complete transformation and personal development.

This is the ultimate package to enhance flourishing and thriving in individuals, organisations and communities




You know how to fly and where you want to go, but feel a little caged.This One Hour Liberate Session is suitable for those who are already in tune with their native self, but would like the confidence, encoruagment and support to set themself free




Talk and Walk Coaching – this is an excellent method to use when wanting to truly get in touch with your native self.


You and I will have our coaching session walking together in the great outdoors




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