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Positive Anger Coach

Training the Trainer

This is a fully immersive course that will not only improve your own personal development but equip you to transform the lives of those affected by anger and help them to use their anger positively and healthily


Positive Anger Coach

Facilitating Health and Wellness in others

Anger is on the increase worldwide and we need more Positive Anger Coaches to help individuals use their anger positively and healthily to create a thriving society.

There’s a misconception that anger is bad and only ever expressed aggressively. This is not the case for many of us who suppress anger.

How do you know if you suppress your anger?

Suppressed anger can present itself in many ways - symptoms such as addictions, depression, headaches, dizziness and self-loathing all correlate with internalised anger, which leads to perpetual conflict with the self, as well as physical, psychological and emotional problems.

The truth is, we all need anger in our life, - it’s a communicative emotion telling us something isn’t right, and we need to act. The key is to use anger positively and the need is for Positive Anger Coaches on a national scale.

If you feel you would like to support others to manage their anger, master conflict and maintain relationships, as well as improve your own personal development, this is the training programme for you.

About the training

This programme includes active participation and learning and will give delegates the opportunity to deepen awareness of their own anger, learn how to communicate anger assertively, improve emotional regulation and manage anger levels in others.

This immersive and experiential training course will equip you to teach others how to manage anger, master effective communication and maintain relationships – as well as learn how to resolve conflict, develop emotional intelligence, build resilience and cultivate flourishing individuals and communities.

Who is it suitable for?

This experiential programme is appropriate for all leaders and educators wanting to strengthen relationships, increase self-esteem and manage conflict. It is particularly useful for health and wellness professionals, coaches and therapists who are looking to expand their own wellbeing practice.

Here are just some of the topics covered in the training programme:

  • What anger is and what anger isn't
  • The fundamental reasons for anger
  • The different anger styles
  • Anger cycles
  • Key research of anger and its effects on individuals
  • A brief introduction to Positive Psychology Interventions to use for anger management
  • Practical exercises to help delegates identify and communicate their own emotions

What will delegates take away?

  • A better understanding of the mechanics and processes of anger
  • Have a deeper awareness and understanding of their own anger
  • Have clarity of other people's anger and how to support them
  • Techniques for communicating assertively
  • The tools and knowledge to set up their own Positive Anger Coaching business

Not only does this training programme equip you to transform the lives of those affected by anger - but you'll cultivate your own personal development too, as well as add to, or create your own health and wellness business.

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