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"It is not the things that we don't know that hold us back, it is the things we do know for sure, that just ain't so." - Mark Twain



Coaching for performance is essentially a management tool for the improvement of you and/or your business: your talents, abilities and skills to optimise your potential and performance.


As a coaching psychologist, I use the principles of positive psychology to facilitate the development and goal setting in you, and support you in bringing about change and progress in your performance in life, and/or your business. What we will work on together are your signature strengths. These are the characteristics that form the essential parts of who you are. I will help you discover what your strengths are and then together we can begin to cultivate them. I will also help break down barriers that prevent you from reaching your potential. I will pull out of you your own inner knowing, rather than push onto you what you should do; it’s about recognising, acknowledging and accepting your own personal choice.



I will support you in discovering and cementing your business vision; guide you in how to achieve that vision; refine your niche and work out who your ideal clients are; create marketing strategies and implement your business potential.


Ultimately, I will help you cultivate your purpose, develop strategies to help you function positively, and help you uncover pathways to prosperity.  



We can work together either through Skype, Zoom or Face-to-face (currently working from venues in Diss and Norwich, Norfolk).

We will organise the session time to suit you after booking.

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To fully kick-start your performance coaching sessions, do get in touch by text or call me for a free clarity call on:


07712 727856


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