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Here you will find some resources to help you on your journey to coaching, anger management and a purpose driven life. 

By Tanya Heasley, Sep 30 2018 06:45PM

The energy it takes to hold anger in can fundamentally effect the brain, eventually causing depression.

It's imperative to encourage others to share their thoughts and feelings, no matter whether they're trivial, justified or other.

To an individual suffering with a mental health issue, they're already in a place of darkness and often feel alone. Let's all #swear to end the stigma attached to 'being emotional', or 'highly sensitive' and allow them to acknowledge their feelings, rather than tell them to pull themselves together, or to get over it. These types of phrases, absolutely does not help those with depression - in fact, it's quite unkind to prevent someone from expressing themselves.

Suppressing emotions, such as anger, creates depression; which ultimately desensitises all emotions, even sadness. For some individuals, they can become numb to emotions. For others, they can appear happy (because they've learnt this is socially required), but inside they feel isolated and alone.

So again, be a little more compassionate to those with depression and give them your #timetotalk

By Tanya Heasley, Sep 30 2018 06:42PM

Absence of a mental illness doesn't mean someone is mentally healthy. A #mentalhealth problem can present itself in many ways, can happen to ANYONE, at ANYTIME and even the 'strongest' of people can develop a mental health problem. In fact, it's usually those who have remained strong for too long that experience a mental health problem.

To help someone with a mental health problem; sensitivity, compassion and non-judgement are key factors in restoring mental health. It's a bit like exercise; some people struggle to motivate themselves to exercise or go to the gym - therefore they hire a personal trainer (PT), or buddy-up with a friend to go together. They do this because they can't do it on their own, even though they want to.

A good PT and friend will encourage, support and champion the individual to exercise - these actions also apply to the needs of a friend or individual with a mental health problem.

So, if you know someone with a mental health problem, or a friend who just seems to be down a lot lately - try being an active listener rather than put downer.

By Tanya Heasley, Sep 30 2018 06:36PM

Depression is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign of being strong for far too long. Anger isn't always expressed explosively in adults or children. Internal anger can be the result of stuffing other emotions such as worry, fear and hurt. Prolonging stuffed emotions can eventually lead to depression - as the energy it takes to keep these emotions in creates adverse reactions to the brain and can fundamentally alter its structure and effect the neurons used to transmit messages within the limbic system. The amygdala is part of the limbic system and is associated with emotions, memories and arousal. It also initiates the fight or flight response (survival instinct).

Anger is a primary emotion linked to the fight or flight response and is part of the neocortex (another part of the limbic system). When our anger has been activated, it provides us with the energy to respond. Suppressing this energy interrupts or disconnects the pathways between the limbic system and the prefrontal cortex (the thinking part of the brain) which can eventually develop into depression and desensitise us to our other primary emotions.

At times, explosive anger can be healthier to the individual than implosive anger, although it’s ignorant to assume that just because someone isn’t displaying their anger outwardly, and doesn’t seem bothered by anything, doesn’t mean they are mentally healthy. Subtle changes can be detected in a person who stuff their emotions. Be mindful of the behaviour in those around you and open (non-judgementally) to discuss their thoughts and feelings.

By Tanya Heasley, Sep 30 2018 06:32PM

Whether you want eudaimonic, or hedonic happiness, dancing in the rain can often wash away the sorrow. Name your emotions; acknowledge its feelings; appreciate what your animas is saying to you:

A path to happiness - is internal surrender.

By Tanya Heasley, Sep 30 2018 06:28PM

Creativity is a great form of therapy.

Although some find it distressing; especially those who have a tendency for perfectionism. If that's you, I want to encourage you to allow yourself the freedom to express yourself creatively. Art is subjective - therefore, perfectionism is irrelevant and it can keep you from moving forward. Here is painted rock I recently created as part of #norfolkrocks: a painted rock phenomenon.

I didn't have an idea of what to do - just rocks, paints and the urge to let my inner-self out.

Get creative, paint some rocks and leave them somewhere for others to find and appreciate.

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