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When a child is bullied

By Tanya Heasley, Sep 30 2018 07:07PM

It's not right, it's not OK and it's not acceptable for anyone to hurt another person, especially bullying.

When a child tells you someone has upset them - in whatever capacity, that child is essentially asking you for help. Take a moment to think about how you respond to their concerns. Rather than make statements such as 'just ignore them', or 'you must have done something for them to do that?'. Show that child empathy and recognition and say something more comforting and engaging such as; 'that must be upsetting', or 'tell me more about it'. Let them know you are someone they value, trust and can go to when they feel bullied by someone.

Here's something important to consider - bullying isn't limited to children - it is essentially an action made by anyone who purposely takes the personal power away from an individual; this can be, and includes, a child bullying another child, an adult bullying a child, a child bullying an adult, or an adult bullying an adult.

Essentially, a bully is someone that can cause someone else to do something they don't want to do; a bully can make someone feel inadequate; a bully is someone who ridicules someone else's decisions; a bully is someone who tries to change or control another; a bully is someone who can cause great harm and upset to many.

So, when a child tells you someone is being mean to them - don't be like that bully and keep that child in a place of hurt by telling them 'to stop being a baby and fight back'.

Be a comforting, loving and caring adult, so that child can always turn to you in times of need and eventually grow into a strong, confident, caring and considerate adult.

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