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Existential v's Transpersonal Coaching

By Tanya Heasley, Sep 30 2018 07:02PM

Sometimes we seek the advice, opinions or thoughts of those around us – to tell us what we should do (with our own life!!) However, these are other peoples’ lives, thoughts, hopes and dreams; they’re not yours.

We all have value, meaning and purpose in life. The key is knowing, understanding and accepting this. However, this is not easy if you’re experiencing an ‘existential crisis’.

So - what’s the point in it all? Why are you here?

Who says they’re right? How do you know if they’re truly concerned with your actual best interest? Who’s responsible if their advice is wrong?

Taking ownership of your choices and decisions is powerful and brings freedom. How to achieve this sometimes requires the supporting role of a professional life/wellbeing/health coach. Considering there are a variety of coaching approaches and methods, it can be difficult to ascertain what approach suits which individual. Furthermore, if a coach doesn’t fit the coachee, and vice-versa (in other words – click with each other), then this can affect the coaching relationship: an important factor for supporting an individual in reaching their goals, moving forward, and gaining life satisfaction.

Therefore, in deciding what approach and which coach to use to help you discover your value, meaning and purpose in life and to resolve an existential crisis, perhaps an existential coach would seem more fitting.

Having said this, I invite you to consider transpersonal coaching and work with me. My approach is holistic and focus’ on the body, mind and spirit. Essentially, I help clients liberate their native self, enhance their signature strengths, cultivate a meaningful life and highlight their own purpose.

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