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"Coaching gives them the opportunity to think what they've not thought,

say what they've not said,

dream what they've not dreamt, and create what they've not created." -

Dave Ellis



Tristone Coaching is a people development approach using a unique coaching method to provide individuals with stepping stones to transforming lives, growing businesses and bridging the gap between languishing and flourishing.

Using the principles of my evidence-based anger management programme to develop anger as a positive emotion, improve the expression of anger and increase assertive communication skills within my clients.

Individuals specifically wanting a holistic experience to coaching, can take advantage of a fully integrated and unique coaching model.



I offer three separate coaching approaches to target specific needs in my clients. I refer to these approaches as stones:


Each of these three elements I refer to as stepping stones and use separate coaching approaches to benefit my clients based on the specific area they want to explore, or work on. For instance:

  • Anger Coaching is the cornerstone for understanding the fundamentals of anger and how the foundation of anger can affect all other emotions and behaviours.

  • Transpersonal Coaching is the keystone to looking at the central aspects of the individual and helping them to unlock and enhance their skills and abilities together. As well as locking together the central aspects of the individual’s body, mind and spirit.

  • Performance Coaching is the capstone to help them get on top of their dreams, develop their ideas and aspirations and support them in achieving their fullest potential. This is suitable for entrepreneurs.


I've utilised my areas of expertise in anger management, coaching psychology and positive psychology interventions in creating and developing the PIP coaching model. This model combines all three approaches and forms the holistic coaching package to prosper individuals, develop their inner-peace and help them to discover their purpose.


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