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Coaching Readiness Assessment

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The following assessment form is worth completing before committing to coaching. Please rate yourself on a scale of one to five (1=disagree to 5=strongly agree) on each of the statements listed below. Your score will help determine your coaching readiness.


  • I am open to trying on new ideas and different ways of doing things.

  • I can commit to being on time for coaching sessions.

  • I am open to self-reflection.

  • I am willing to accept coaching to achieve desired results.

  • I am honest with myself and appreciate honesty in others.

  • I am willing to do the work requested of me.

  • I am willing to take responsibility and be held accountable for the results I produce.

  • I am willing to be challenged by my coach to realise my goals.

  • I am open to asking for and receiving feedback.

  • I am willing to stretch myself outside my comfort zone.

  • I am willing to modify or eliminate self-defeating behaviours that limit my success.

  • I have the financial resources, or they are available to me to invest in coaching.


                                                      Total Score _________                                                          


Scoring Key:

10-22 Not ready


23-32 Coachable, as long as there is an honest dialogue with coachee about their commitment to the coaching relationship/agreement (roles, responsibilities, expectations and desired results/outcomes).


33-42 Coachable, leverage the opportunity to be coached. Explore coaching relationship options (Manager, HR, hire a coach).


43-55 Very coachable maximize your coaching relationship and ask your coach to ask a lot from you!