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Christmas Gift Certificate


Discover The Art of Anger: A  Positive Anger Taster Session.

This is a special gift to give to someone who struggles with their anger; someone who might not realise that anger management coaching could benefit them; and someone who could do with a gentle nudge to book a session. Many angry people will not take ownership of their behaviour and some might accept that they have an anger problem.

Therefore, this certificate allows the recipient a soft approach to discovering what's involved in anger management and opens a door for them to experience their anger in a positive way.

The gift certificate entitles the beholder to 30 minutes of discovering positive anger taster session via Skype or Zoom call. This provides the individual with the opportunity to explore their anger on a surface level - allowing them to experience what anger management coaching might be like before committing to a full programme or more sessions.

The taster session will benefit them from the start as they begin to unpack their own anger and gain a better perspective of what anger is. After the taster session, they can then decide whether they’d like to explore further; work more on improving their anger; and also learn tools and techniques on how to use their anger more positively.

How to receive the gift certificate?
After purchase – please send an email with the following details to:

Who the gift is for

Who the gift is from

A pdf of the certificate will be then be sent to the buyer with an issue number and expiration date (expires 6 months after purchase).

Once the recipiant receives their gift certificate, they will then need to book their Positve Anger taster session via text, call on 07712 727856, or email:

Want to know more? - Do please get in touch.