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CHAMP (Children's Healthy Anger Management Progamme)



Research indicates that anger-related issues are often the main cause for an adolescent’s referral to the mental health service. What’s more, according to The World Health Organization (WHO: 2013) estimates that, in any given year, 20% of adolescents worldwide, may experience a mental health problem. Furthermore, according to the Children’s Society (2008), evidence for the need of early interventions is borne out by research that shows 70% of children and adolescents experiencing mental health problems need adequate support at an early age.


While early intervention is key in the prevention of mental illness in children and adolescents, research in determine suitable interventions is sparse, particularly psychoeducational interventions for anger related depression. This gives further rationale of the need for anger treatment services for adolescents and the reasons behind the development of CHAMP.


The aim of CHAMP is to teach young people about the fundamentals of anger; that anger can be a healthy emotion and introduce them to the beginnings of expressing anger healthily and assertively. According to the World Health Organization (WHO: 2006), health is defined as "a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity." Using this framework, CHAMP aims to develop and improve personal development, health and well-being and prosocial behaviour. The following approach provides a more concise description with the key concepts, activities and outcomes of how the programme supports the participants:



Taking a pedagogical, holistic and personal approach when working with young people.


The key principles to the practice are;

  • Seeing the child as a whole person and supporting them with their anger management development.

  • As professionals and pedagogues, we aim to constantly reflect on our work and to bring both theoretical understandings and self-knowledge to the process

  • When working with the young people, both practitioner and child are seen as inhabiting the same life space, and not as existing in separate, hierarchical domains  

  • Emphasise the importance of teamwork and encourage respect and responsibility within groupwork.

  • Emotional and behavioural change is a principle achievement at the core of our psycho-educational workshops.



  • Understanding what anger is and what anger isn’t

  • Learning about core feelings and naming emotions

  • Identifying their anger triggers and causes

  • Recognising anger patterns and cycles

  • Taking responsibility for their actions

  • Understanding and accepting anger invitations

  • Developing and implementing their anger management toolbox



  • Problem solving

  • Practicing social skills

  • Learning and sharing with their peers

  • Developing active listening skills

  • Controlled breathing techniques

  • Practice behavioural self-regulation

  • Keeping personal power



  • Ameliorates and alleviates anger

  • Improves anger management

  • Creates emotionally intelligent children

  • Reduces suicides and suicidal thoughts

  • Improves emotional wellbeing

  • Increases self-esteem

  • Promotes prosocial behaviour


These outcomes are measured according to the World Health Organization definition of measured outcomes as a “change in the health of an individual, group of people, or population that is attributable to an intervention or series of interventions.” Therefore, in addition, our programme has made a difference in the following ways:

  • Helps teachers to teach rather than deal with problematic behaviour

  • Reduces exclusions

  • Reduces bullying

  • Creates stronger communities within schools

  • Increases academic performance


Furthermore, Tristone Coaching Ltd. is the best at meeting the need to reduce anger related health issues in adolescents and to improve behaviour because we offer a range of wellbeing services, and according to an evidence-based study of CHAMP, shows the programme not only alleviates and ameliorates anger in young people but also increases their self-esteem and improves emotional regulation.




Six weekly one hour face-to-face sessions with our Positive Anger Coach


Sessions one - Anger, Friend or Foe?  (What is Anger?)


Session two - Anger Invitations (What causes anger?)


Session three - The Powerful Mind (Recognising Anger)


Session four - Releasing Anger (Self-acceptance and preparing to change)


Session five - The Power Within (Taking Responsibility)


Session six - The Assertive Champion (Expressing Healthy Anger)



During lesson times within a suitable room at your school.

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