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"It's easier to build strong children than to repair broken adults."  

CHAMP (Children's Healthy Anger Management Progamme)




This is an evidence-based programme, proven to alleviate and ameliorate anger in young people and has been designed for young people affected by either their own unhealthy anger or have witnessed aggressive anger in others.


This programme has been developed to help young people understand their anger, build stronger relationships by learning about other people's thoughts and feelings and empower them to take ownership of their behaviour.


Anger is a normal emotion that all of us will experience throughout our lives. The aim of anger coaching is to teach young people about the fundamentals of anger; that anger can be a healthy emotion and introduce them to the beginnings of expressing anger healthily and assertively.




I take a pedagogical, holistic and personal approach when working with young people.


The key principles in my practice are;

  • Seeing the child as a whole person and supporting them with their anger management development.

  • As professionals and pedagogues, I aim to constantly reflect on my work and to bring both theoretical understandings and self-knowledge to the process

  • When working with the young people, both practitioner and child are seen as inhabiting the same life space, and not as existing in separate, hierarchical domains  

  • I emphasise the importance of teamwork and encourage respect and responsibility within groupwork.

  • Emotional and behavioural change is a principle achievement at the core of my psycho-educational workshops.




This programme will be delivered face-to-face to young people who are either presenting anger problems within the classroom or have displayed emotional or behavioural concerns noticed by teachers, parents, support workers, etc.



  • Understanding what anger is

  • Learning about core feelings

  • Identifying their anger triggers

  • Recognising anger patterns

  • Taking responsibility for their actions

  • Anger invitations

  • Anger management tool box



  • Problem solving

  • Practicing social skills

  • Learning and sharing with their peers

  • Developing active listening skills

  • Controlled breathing techniques

  • Practice behavioural self-regulation

  • Keeping personal power



  • Creates emotionally intelligent children

  • Helps teachers to teach rather than deal with problematic behaviour

  • Reduces exclusions

  • Reduces bullying

  • Builds self-esteem, creating a stronger community

  • Increases academic performance




Six weekly one hour face-to-face sessions with Tanya.


Sessions one - Anger, Friend or Foe?  (What is Anger?)


Session two - Anger Invitations (What causes anger?)


Session three - The Powerful Mind (Recognising Anger)


Session four - Releasing Anger (Self-acceptance and preparing to change)


Session five - The Power Within (Taking Responsibility)


Session six - The Assertive Champion (Expressing Healthy Anger)



During lesson times within a class at your school.

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To book anger management sessions for young people, do get in touch with me so that we can fully discuss the issues and concerns you might have regarding a young person in need of anger management, either using the form to the right, texting/calling or via email below:


07712 727856

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