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"Anger is a communicative emotion telling you something isn't quite right and you need to act. Survival is its reason,

Liberty is its goal." - Tanya Heasley



As your Anger Coach I will unlock the healthy anger within you and support you in restoring your anger to its primary function so that you can prosper in your relationships, work and life. I’ll explain the principles of anger, direct you in understanding your own anger, empower you to take ownership of your behaviour, motivate you to assertively communicate your thoughts and feelings and educate you with anger management techniques.


Anger coaching is the cornerstone for learning the foundations of anger and for freeing your native self (your true inner-being). This service offers you the opportunity to look at your anger in a more positive way and is suitable for those wanting to release their anger, explore its benefits, use it positively, and provides you with the foundations of anger management.


Anger is a normal emotion that all of us will experience throughout our lives. How we respond to our anger can either be healthy or toxic. Anger coaching involves helping individuals to develop, improve or manage their anger and behaviour by: identifying their personality type, anger style, triggers, and recognising their own thoughts and feelings.


The aim of anger coaching is to teach you the fundamentals of anger, that anger can be a healthy emotion and introduce you to the beginnings of expressing anger healthily and assertively. You will learn how to develop, test and refine new skills and alternative behaviours as well as setting goals to achieving healthy anger.


Anger Coaching also seeks out the potential for enhancing emotional well-being, improving relationships and discovering performance blockages. Essentially, positive anger is the fuel to achieving success and prosperity.


This service is suitable for those wanting to release their anger, explore its benefits and use it healthily.

Clients will be provided with a safe environment to explore their anger, giving them the opportunity to talk openly about their anger experiences.




  • understand the fundamental reasons for anger

  • name emotions and recognise the feelings to those emotions

  • understand what anger is and what anger isn't

  • know the causes and processes of anger

  • understand anger styles

  • learn about anger triggers

  • have an increased awareness and understanding of your own anger

  • have clarity of other people's anger

  • have acquired effective communication and its importance in managing anger

  • set goals for managing anger

  • learn and practice effective anger management strategies





Up to 1hr 'getting to know each other' conversation with Tanya to establish suitability for anger management coaching and to create a strong working partnership.


Sessions one - Anger, Friend or Foe?  (What is Anger?)


Session two - Anger Invitations (What causes anger?)


Session three - The Powerful Mind (Recognising Anger)


Session four - Releasing Anger (Self-acceptance and preparing to change)


Session five - The Power Within (Taking Responsibility)


Session six - The Assertive Champion (Expressing Healthy Anger)



6 x 1 hour coaching sessions via Skype (or face-to-face at suitable venue).

Session evaluation to help keep you on track.


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