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Tristone Coaching Ltd. exists to improve the lives of young people affected by anger, either their own, or witnessed in others, and to help adults influence young people in their care, with a positive and passionate attitude through enhancing their own anger management.



To facilitate positive behavioural and emotional changes in individuals that will improve, develop and build better relationships. We believe that cultivating stronger relationships within ourselves and with others is the foundation for achieving our potential and prosperity, as well as creating a thriving community in which to live.


While our main service in achieving our mission is to offer our evidenced-based anger management programme CHAMP (Children’s Healthy Anger Management Programme) to young people, we also offer a modified version to parents and teachers, because they have a direct influence over young people and if they express their own anger unhealthily, this will affect the young person in a negative manner.



  • For all to experience and use anger positively, rather than use it as a negative and unwanted emotion.

  • To promote anger as a positive emotion.

  • To improve the expression of anger and increase assertive communication skills within individuals

  • To develop peace-makers and conflict resolvers.

  • To see young people, step into their potential and become the best that they can be.

  • For schools and communities to flourish, succeed and advance the economy.



Our Children's Healthy Anger Management Programme (CHAMP) is an evidenced-based anger management programme proven to alleviate and ameliorate the anger in young people and to empower them to use their anger positively, so they can thrive, flourish and become the best that they can be both personally and within the community.

We also use the principles of positive psychology to further enhance the well-being within our participants:

Positive Psychology is the scientific study of the strengths that enable individuals and communities to thrive. Positive Psychology doesn't aim to 'fix' people, or dismiss mental illness, but rather it leads to optimal functioning as being healthy psychologically.



  • Alleviates and ameliorates anger

  • Creates emotionally intelligent children

  • Increases emotional regulation

  • Restores parent/child relationships

  • Promotes positive behaviour

  • Helps teachers teach rather than deal with problematic behaviour

  • Reduces exclusions

  • Reduces bullying

  • Builds self-esteem, creating a stronger community

  • Increases academic performance



As a Social Enterprise, spaces are limited for young people to attend CHAMP, therefore, initially, prospective participants will need to apply.

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Trsitone Coaching a Certified Social Enterprise

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