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How we improve lives

Using a solutions-focused coaching approach for people development to provide individuals with steps to transforming behaviour, restoring lives and improving relationships to bridge the gap between languishing and flourishing.


Through cultivating stronger relationships within ourselves and with others, is the foundation for achieving potential and prosperity, as well as creating a thriving community for young people to grow positively. Our evidence-based anger management programme - C.H.A.M.P., will alleviate and ameliorate the anger in young people, so that they can flourish and thrive within their community.



  • Alleviates and ameliorates anger

  • Creates emotionally intelligent children

  • Increases emotional regulation

  • Restores parent/child relationships

  • Promotes positive behaviour

  • Helps teachers teach rather than deal with problematic behaviour

  • Reduces exclusions

  • Reduces bullying

  • Builds self-esteem, creating a stronger community

  • Increases academic performance

  • Restores broken relationships

Tanya Heasley is a Coaching Psychologist specialising in Anger Management and Positive Psychology Coaching. She has an extensive background in counselling, as well as coaching, and therefore is considered an Integrative Coach-Therapist. She uses a transformative and intuitive approach that’s both supportive and challenging to bring about the necessary changes to empower self-development, confidence and growth.


She has 18+ years' experience in working with young people, parents and teachers to bring positive changes in behaviour and emotional wellbeing.


Her expertise is unlocking suppressed anger that has caused toxic shame which creates self-limiting beliefs in many individuals. She essentially cultivates the healthy anger within individuals and coaches them in using this powerful emotion to fuel productivity and growth; as well as support the discovery of their inner strengths, develop their assertive communication skills, improve their emotional wellbeing, enhance their creative performance and help them reach their full potential.

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Founder and Director

The cornerstone to  unlocking healthy anger creates emotionally intelligent children, builds self-esteem, increases academic performance and creates a stronger school community

The keystone in bringing together a holistic approach to harmonising body, mind and spirit and develop inner-peace, allows the discovery of  purpose and meaning to developing life satisfaction and fulfiling potential

The capstone to improving teacher/pupil and parent/child relationships is reliant on these adults learning how to manage their own anger first to then influence and encourage young people positively




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‘Tanya first started working with students at ASHS in 2017, delivering the CHAMP initiative (Children's Healthy Anger Management Programme) to identified students to support and promote their mental health, wellbeing and decision making. Tanya's non-threatening and supportive approach had a very positive impact. Her level of emotional intelligence and empathy to really understand the challenges faced by young people on an individual basis contributed greatly to the success of her work. We have continued our working relationship with Tanya and look forward to this relationship continuing in the years to come to support young people within our community’.


Rob Connolly - Head of School

Archbishop Sancroft High School

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'Anger can be a difficult thing for young people to talk about and come to terms with.  Yet it can massively impact the way young people think and the choices they make.  Tanya has been working with our school for several years and has provided 1:1 sessions with many of our students -boys and girls and a variety of age groups. Tanya's main strength is in building a relationship often with quite disaffected young people. Once this relationship is in place, Tanya will work to pick up the roots of anger within the young person and then come up with strategies to try and move them forward.  She writes very accurate and informative reports I would wholeheartedly recommend her to you or your organisation.'


Nick O'Brien - Assistant Headteacher

Dereham Neatherd High School

Why we exist

Tristone Coaching Ltd. is a Social Enterprise that exists to improve the lives of young people affected by anger - either their own or whitnessed in others.

Parents and teachers are the fundamental role models to young people, that's why we also work with these adults to improve their own anger, reduce burnout and increase their emotional wellbeing - so that all can flourish and thrive within the community.



Helping parents, educators and leaders get ahead

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