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The cornerstone to  unlocking healthy anger forms the foundations to achieving emotional wellbeing as well as fundamentally improving relationship with the self and those around them

The keystone in bringing together a holistic approach to harmonising your body, mind and spirit and developing inner-peace and discovering your own purpose and meaning to a fulfilling life  

The capstone to setting goals, discovering your signature strengths, cultivating your best you, grow your business and crown the achievement of reaching your full potential and beyond



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This wellbeing package is suitable for clients wanting a holistic experience to coaching. You can take advantage of this fully integrated and unique coaching model for a complete transformation



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How I can benefit you?

Anger is a normal natural emotion, fundamentally used for survival and change. Healthy anger is essential for freeing your native self (your true inner-being), whereas unhealthy anger can block the liberation of your true inner being and prevent you from reaching your full potential.


Therefore, using the principles of my evidence-based anger management programme and positive psychology coaching, I can help develop your anger as a positive emotion, improve the expression of your anger and develop your assertive communication skills. If you are specifically wanting a holistic experience to coaching, you can take advantage of a fully integrated and unique coaching model.


I have extensive experience in working with people who lack confidence, vision, and self-awareness, as well as individuals who would like to communicate more assertively, improve their leadership skills and achieve their full potential. I specialise working with teachers, creative professionals, executives and entrepreneurs.

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What else?

Why Tristone Coaching?

Tristone Coaching is a coaching approach for people development and provides individuals with steps to transforming lives, improving relationships and bridging the gap between languishing and flourishing.


It exists fundamentally for those struggling with their anger, but also for those who want to improve themselves, enhance their strengths and increase their emotional wellbeing. 


Cultivating stronger relationships within ourselves and with others is the foundation for achieving our potential and prosperity, as well as creating a thriving community in which to live.

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What others say

"I feel like I’ve been helped to rediscover who I am – to celebrate living my own life, my own way, without the need to justify myself or put myself last. My inner child has been helped to grow up and consequently the anger has dissipated."

Anon, Anger Management

"I think Tanya is a very kind person that always listens and I know whatever I say I can always trust her with. I think counselling/anger management has helped me because I was able to let things off my chest overall making me feel better mentally and physically."

James, Anger Management

"This is great! - anyone reading I've been coached by Tanya and can highly recommend her!"

Tia, Coaching

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Hi there, I'm Tanya and I can help you use your anger positively, so that you can flourish, thrive, prosper, grow and fulfil your potential. If you feel stuck in your life or business, it could be due to your suppressed (internal) anger, or aggressive (external) anger. Therefore, as a Positive Anger Coach, I can restore the primary function of your anger and empower you to look at your anger in a more positive way whilst also teaching you how to use it healthily.


I use a transformative approach that’s both supportive and challenging to bring about the necessary changes to empower your self-development, enhance your confidence and encourage growth.

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